Photo Collage Letters

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Photo Collage Letters

Custom designed, our letters and numbers are perfect as part of your home decor, a table centrepiece or candy bar feature.

Letter Height is 20cm

Letters available - A-Z
numbers available - 0-9

Letters are made from paper mache and the edges can be painted any colour to suit your decor or theme.

Please note that some letters & numbers due to their shape have a small base to ensure the piece stands.

Please factor the following timing into your planning when ordering. Lead time is approx. 5 days. Postage times are dependent on your location (allow 3-6 days)

There aren't enough hours in a day when it comes to organising a child's party, trust us, we know! We have 2 children ourselves! So where possible, we try to accommodate rush orders, however please enquire prior to ordering. There may be a slight postage fee increase to cover express postage.
You are also welcome to pick up your order from Carlingford if you are in NSW.


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